Friday, January 01, 2016

Some CBNS action in Port Hawkesbury

     First off, I'd like to apologize for not posting an entry in what must be a year. I try to write when I have time, but time is so short these day. 

     I had a week off for Christmas, so I thought I'd drive down to Cape Breton and visit my mother, who lives in Port Hastings.

     Yesterday we took moms' truck for a drive up to Creighnish, to see my uncles new summer home. On the way back, we swung through Hawkesbury on the way back to her place so she could check her mailbox. CBNS SD40-2 3365 and GP-15(-1? -D?)  1504 were just coasting to a stop in front of the CBNS office (formerly CN Port Hawkesbury station). They only stopped for a minute because by the time we got turned around at the bank, they were pulling out. I thought maybe they were running light to Havre Boucher and we headed back home.

     This time I took my truck, and my camera gear, back down to the former CN station. Figuring I was just going to look around and maybe snap a couple of the station - I arrived to find 3365 & 1504 tied down on the short siding opposite the station.

     Snapped a few from both ends of the power,  and the Ford F550 hi-rail truck.

     Just as I'm heading to what I assume is "out" at the south end of the yard, I realize I have to make a U turn. As I'm making my circle, headlights illuminate the tracks in front of the station. I drop my driver's window and shoot this; CBNS 3327 and HLCX 7232 hauling oil cans.