Sunday, June 07, 2015

An afternoon on the Halton Sub

     If you've been following along regularly, you'll know I don't just blog about model trains. I also blog about my odd railfan excursion, and things I'd like to photograph.

     Yesterday morning I had to crawl out of my comfortable bed at 04:00 and go to work for the sixth straight day - but being a saturday, we were shutting the doors at 14:30 - so I had the afternoon free. The wife was headed to a wine tour thing in Beamsville with a couple girlfriends so I took the opppertunity to go shoot some trains. Number 1 Sideroad just west of Tremaine Road on the Oakville/Milton border is at Mile 42.20 of the Halton Sub, and is one of the few places I've found locally that still has some nice scenery in which to shoot trains. The remainder of the Halton Sub is all overgrown with townhouse complexes and strip malls - or is inaccessible to the public.

     This is the one good video I managed to get because I'm still learning to shoot video with a DSLR. The two brief pauses at the beginning are the result of my capturing still images while shooting video. Enjoy.

     This afternoon I'm headed up to Campbellville to see what I can catch of CP's traffic there. Fingers crossed I get lucky.