Sunday, May 04, 2014

Improving my flatcar fleet with wood Part 1

     Recently I was looking to spruce up the appearance of my five Microtrains 50' steel flat cars, by adding some laser cut wood decks. The cars themselves look quite good, as you'd expect from Microtrains - but there are these really fine mold circles on the deck, that I can only assume are from the injection process.

    I figured I could weather the existing plastic deck, but it would always bug me if those circles were visable. So I googled around a little and found some replacement decks by American Model Builders and ordered them. But because I'm an idiot, I ordered decks cut for Atlas 50' flats - which are shorter:

..and wider:

than Microtrains decks.  So I googled a little more and found some RS Laser wood decks and ordered them. I'll write an update for this project next week when the replacements arrive from the states.

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