Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Inverness Yard

     Earlier last week a gentleman on The Rail Wire Bulletinboard posted about a software project he had been working on called SCARM Train Layout Editor (Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller). It looked promising, it was free and I was anxious to see how it compared to XtrakCad. So I downloaded a copy and gave it a whirl. 

     What you see below is a map of the Inverness & Richmond's main yard at Inverness, from Allister W. D. MacBean's book The Inverness and Richmond Railway. Since I'll be including this yard on my layout as it's northern terminus, I thought I would try and adapt the hand-drawn map to a CAD drawing.

     It's not drawn to scale so I had to 'wing it' as they say, but after about an hour of playing with SCARM, I think I ended up with a pretty good rendition of the yard pictured below. (I'm working on getting a bigger view of this)

     While there are almost 90 different track types to choose from,  most are of European origin like Hornby, Fleischmann, Marklin and Trix. Included however are 9 types from Atlas, and I've chosen to use their Code 55 line of track because I think it has the best appearance.

     So there you have it - Inverness Yard drawn in CAD. I printed it all out in 1:1 scale yesterday, on about 30 sheets of paper that I now have to tape together. I'll show you that later.

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