Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A bulk oil dealer..

     I'm always on the lookout for traffic sources on the Inverness line, so a couple months ago when I came across a photo of an Irving tank car online I knew I had to use it. Irving is in the petroleum industry in a big way. Everything from retail gas stations to home heating fuel. So when I ran across this little kit from a dealer on eBay:

     I thought "What better a place to ship an 11k gal Irving tank car than this?"

     Although I haven't yet decided where to place it on the layout, I think it's going to go in Port Hood. The Co-op already has a large mill complex, and the Home Hardware, so I think it needs a residential fuel dealer too. I already have a little Walthers coal trestle to go with it.

     I started by assembling the concrete piers and placing the bottom half of each tank in place.This helped keep everything even and square. Then I glued the ends on the tanks, like so:

     After that, I installed the access hatches in the top half of each tank and simply pushed the tops on the tanks with a couple drops of glue.

     Now that I've located my good tweezers I can get to work installing all the little pipes and fittings included in the kit.The black vertical pipes were the hardest to keep in place, but they're in. All I have to do now is give the whole thing a shot of white paint - which isn't going to happen today as the balcony is currently engulfed in a snow storm.

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