Thursday, February 13, 2014

How much is too much?

     So over the winter, I was browsing through some eBay auctions - and I was just about to bid on a pair of these beautiful Intermountain cylindrical hoppers. They were going cheap (by Intermountain standards), I already have a couple in CP script, and I've always loved those hoppers. You can't grow up in Canada and not see them absolutely everywhere. Then all of a sudden I just up and decided I really didn't need them.

     Now why is that, I hear you asking.

     Well it's like this dear reader.. I decided at that moment, I should take a step back and examine my current and future needs. So as I'm looking over my current collection of rolling stock, I'm starting to see some cars that don't really fit in.. and by fit in I mean built post-1960. They're just too new. Now I could certainly go and just make up some excuse to justify their existence - it's my layout after all - but that would detract from the realism and credibility of what I'm trying to achieve. So it's off to the big used car lot on the internet..

     So far I've managed to sell off the 4 sets of Five-unit Thrall Doublestack cars I bought from Walthers many moons ago, some modern Atlas 14k gallon kaolin tank cars, and some older not-so-detailed Atlas 40' boxcars. I also hooked up with a couple of guys on a message board that took my 3 Atlas C630's, and 2 Atlas C424's off my hands.

     What this has left me with is a more historically accurate CNR fleet, and a couple hundred extra dollars to blow on more MicroTrains cars - because let's face it, they're superior to the Atlas versions.

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