Friday, March 15, 2013

Four trucks and a fence

     Well it's wednesday already, and I was beginning to worry I wouldn't have anything to write this week. As luck would have it though, Canada Post had a couple packages for me this morning, and I have something to share with you. The first package was just another of many hoppers for my growing fleet.

     The second package however, yielded four new Classic Metal Works tractor trailers I picked up from eBay for almost literally, a steal.

      Two are lettered for "Wayne Feeds" and two for "Sealtest Dairy Products". One of the Sealtest units can remain in it's current livery, as the front half of the Port Hood Co-Op always did; and continues to sell groceries. The other Sealtest unit will have to be repainted though. Maybe a Ben's Bakery unit. Milk and bread would likely both be delivered within close proximity to each other first thing in the morning.

     That leaves the two Wayne Feeds units. I'm not sure exactly what to do with those just yet. Part of me says they should be painted for Atlantic Co-Op, obviously in use for local farm deliveries. Yet part of me says they would look better decorated for a large feed retailer like Purina or Shur-Gain. 

      In either case, they make the scene look a lot better around the back of the mill.

"Hurry up and wait." Two drivers sit in line for the Co-Op dock.

A Sealtest driver waits his turn for the dock.

     Now that you're caught up to all the excitement going on over at the mill, I'd like to point out the cheapest fence ever built. It's made up of a hand full of round tooth picks and some sewing thread. I simply cut the tooth picks in half with my wire cutters, pushed them into the foam board and wrapped some sewing thread around them. I guess it took me all of an hour to build and it looks great. All I need now is some dirt to make a driveway and a farmhouse to put at the end of it. Oh, and some trees. Hundreds of friggin' trees.

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