Wednesday, March 27, 2013


     There hasn't been much to do around Port Hood in the last couple weeks, due to a shortage of parts from the states. First it was the South #7LH switch, then it was lack of ballast, and then it was terminal joiners. I say lack of ballast, because I don't want to use the woodland scenics black cinders I have on hand - those are reserved for live coal loads. The terminal joiners were ordered to provide track power, because I don't have access to my soldering station at the moment.

     So this morning on my way to pick up my ballast at the post office, I checked the mailbox and my terminal joiners had arrived as well. After I drilled a few holes in the roadbed to accept the feeder wires, ballast crews (read: me) were dispatched to the site and have been hard at work grading the ROW.



  1. Looking good ! I am building a model railroad too and just finished laying track for the Inverness Yard.