Thursday, February 14, 2013

Port Hood

     Back in the early 1900's, Port Hood was the site of a large coal pier where coal was shipped to Montreal and the New England states. Today however, the train station has been moved into town and re-purposed as a funeral home. The coal pier is but a distant memory.

     So what is a modeller to do? Well I know that in the late 1950's the CNR line was still at the south end of town, but as far as my research can tell, there was never anything more than a siding here. I guess this is one of those times where I have to open up my wallet and whip out my Modellers License. Since there was once a coal pier here, there must have been a short branch off the main line to access it. Therefore we can plausibly surmise that the branch may have served the Atlantic Co-Op and Home Hardware Building Center as well.

     I won't be modelling the coal pier, as it was no longer in existence in the 1950's, but the Co-Op is still alive and well selling animal feed, coal, groceries, and occasionally farm equipment. Just across Main Street from the mill will be the Home Hardware Building Center - a Cornerstone kit, Walton & Sons Lumber is a perfect stand-in.

     The crude Atlas Right Track drawing you see above is basically how I've decided Port Hood should be laid out. Although it looks like just a couple simple sidings off the main line and a short spur for Home Hardware, it will be tricky to switch with an RPO/Combine loading/unloading baggage and passengers in front of the station and box cars parked in front of the Co-Op. The center track can be utilized as a run-around, when it's not storing empties or loads for the industries in town. 

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