Friday, February 01, 2013

Cabot Gypsum

     I just found out about this this morning - but I will certainly have to investigate the possibility of capturing this new rail traffic on my layout.

Company re-opens gypsum wallboard plant

Staff - Cape Breton Post

POINT TUPPER — Cabot Gypsum is launching production at a facility that has been in bankruptcy and boarded up for the past three years.

     The company has revamped and modernized an existing facility, that was once owned by Federal Gypsum before it shut down and went bankrupt in 2008, owing about $32 million to more than 90 creditors.

     Cabot Gypsum’s sales manager, Reg MacLeod, said the company acquired the plant’s assets earlier this year and is leasing the facility from the government of Nova Scotia.
MacLeod said the company’s received no government funding in getting the facility up and running.

     “We’ve just obviously opened and started our production but we expect ... significant job growth in the future once we getting going, probably 12 months down the road,” said MacLeod.

     “It depends on the economy and things like that, but we expect it to be nothing compared to the NewPage plant, which was a disaster for the area but we expect job growth to be growing as the plant grows.”

     MacLeod wouldn’t say how many workers are currently employed at the plant due to privacy and competition concerns.

     “Everybody sees gypsum abundantly as a mineral in the ground and yet you have to buy wallboard that’s produced out of the region,” MacLeod said.

     He said there are some former NewPage workers on staff at the facility.

     “We’ve been supplying our product throughout all of Atlantic Canada,” said MacLeod.
     “We’ve had material delivered to the various building supply dealers, and that’s who we target is building supply dealers.”

     MacLeod said the facility is the province’s only gypsum wallboard plant.


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Cabot Gypsum began production in September at its wallboard manufacturing facility in Point Tupper. The company, owned by Acadia Drywall, modernized the former Federal Gypsum plant that had been shut down approximately three years ago. Cabot Gypsum sells its gypsum wallboard in all provinces in Atlantic Canada.  (Port Hawkesbury Reporter, October 19)



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