Friday, February 08, 2013

A web related post..

     Back in the day (read:1990) I fancied myself as being pretty damn good in the HTML department. I could understand pretty much all of it and wrote a few pages in raw HTML - back when people were all about the MS FrontPage and "publishing" their own web pages. My how times change.

     All I wanted was to change the font colour of my Title and description, but the blogger template I chose wasn't co-operating. Sure, I'd tell it what colour I wanted and click save changes. Then I'd open a new tab, go to the blog, and see the same wrong colour displayed. I also wished to alter the spacing a little so it fit my header image better.

     Well bloody hell if it hasn't taken me a week of pouring over CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) tutorials, pages of Blogger code, and trying to ascertain which three lines needed editing. This morning I found those three little lines. They were mocking me until they realized I'd found them, burried in the header.h1:description line. They've swiftly been dealt with and I now have a black title where once I had an illegible white one.

     What do you think?

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