Monday, December 17, 2012

Brickworks and Canneries?

     While doing further research on the Inverness line recently, I came across an old archive of documents that alluded to several industries in Inverness County during the late twentieth century that I did not know existed. A brick and tile factory in Judique, and two lobster canneries in Port Hood.

     Good news for my railroad, as brick and tile plants should generate at least 2 car loads per day, and maybe upwards of a dozen or more. I'll have to see what I can dig up on this industry - it may explain why there was a twenty-one-car-capacity siding in Judique.

     I haven't found much on the two canneries in Port Hood yet, other than they produced canned lobster  as late as 1947. I think I can plausibly stretch that to 1957 and generate at least one car load of empty cans in, and one car load out per week.

    As for the actual structures I've decided that the Walthers "Mountain Lumber Mill" will be a suitable structure for a covered loading and storage building for finished brick. The only problem will be filling it with little cast resin pallets of brick, as it could be quite large. I'm working on one of the two cannery buildings now with a bunch of Walthers Modular kits I picked up.
This is the basic foundation and footprint.
Rough shell assembly

Loading docks

Loading dock has room for two cars.